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  • Windows XP or higher

  • .NET Framework 4 or higher


  • Just click you through the Setup or extract the "Console" folder in any directory you like

  • Make sure the windows service "TeamSpeak 3 Bot" is running, if you choosed the Setup variant


  • Open the Configuration in the "Configuration" folder, which is in the Installation folder
    (default is "
    C:\Program Files\Dirk Sarodnick\TeamSpeak 3 Bot\Configuration\")

  • Copy one of the example Configurations

  • Open it for editing, so that we can get your Bot working

  • Search for the <TeamSpeak>-Node in which you can configure your Connection.
    <Host> - The IP or Hostname of your server (default: localhost)
    <Instance> - The instance ID of your virtual TeamSpeak server (default: 1)
    <QueryPort> - The query port configured in TeamSpeak configuration (default: 10011)
    <Username> - username of the ServerQuery user, that the bot will representate
    <Password> - password for that ServerQuery user
    <GuestGroups> - A list of <Group>-Nodes, were you define the Guest groups, which will filter some logical things

  • Then just search for the first <Enabled>-Node in your Configuration and set the value to "true" instead of "false". More details are described in the Configuration itself. Only one note: You can alway remove unused Elements to clean your configuration. This will deactivate the removed features without an error.

Now your bot is configured and will automatically try to connect to your TeamSpeak server. The bot will not be visible for you as a normal connecting user, so don't panic. Just type !help into the global chat and the bot should answer you with a private message. Look into the Troubleshooting section if anything goes wrong here.

Make sure you add the IP on which the Bot is running into your "query_ip_whitelist.txt" file of your TeamSpeak server. Otherwise the Bot will be banned after a few seconds from the antispam mechanism.


The Bot is a service, so you don't see a black console with some debug or error information. Of course, there is a log! Because we are in the windows world, the bot is logging into the windows event log. You find this under your "Control Panel" > "Administrative Tools" > "Event Viewer". Just look into the "Application Log" (in Windows 7/ Windows 2008 under "Windows Protocols" > "Application") and there you find a lot of information. The Bot logs with the Source "TS3-Bot" for which you can filter. In most cases there are connection problems or corrupt configurations, which you can identify here.

It's also possible to start the bot with the console-app "TS3-Bot.Console.exe". Here are all errors additionally visible in the pretty black window.

Do not hesitate to contact me, if you can't get it to work. Just email me, but don't forget to add some details and all recent log entries from the TS3-Bot.


Dirk Sarodnick


This program is free for use, but please notify me if you found a bug or if you have some suggestion. The author of this program is not responsible for any damage or data loss. It is not allowed to sell this program for money, it has to be free to get. It is also not allowed to use my source code and publish that with your name. Please ask me for a permission first if you want to publish something which contains parts of my source code.

Teamspeak 3 is developed by TeamSpeak Systems GmbH, Sales & Licensing by Triton CI & Associates, Inc. More informations about Teamspeak 3: