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@d0k3 d0k3 released this Jan 15, 2017 · 31 commits to master since this release

A quick release to prevent two rather improbable but nonetheless possible brick causes in the CTRNAND transfer feature. Other than that, the last release was 2 months ago, so there are more goodies:

  • CTRNAND transfer: stricter checks for free space on SD card
  • CTRNAND transfer: Stop on all errors and output failure
  • Feature descriptions in-software, thanks to @Wolfvak (code) and @ihaveamac (descriptions)
  • AK2i flashcard handling, thanks to @Normmatt and @d3m3villur
  • NDS cartridge savegame flashing, thanks to @dark_samus
  • Support for KOR N3DS Health and Safety
  • Improved cancellation handling (again)
  • Various smaller bugfixes and improvements

Devs, if you can lend a hand: As you see we've got NDS (NTR+TWL) cart savegame flashing now, but we're missing NDS cart savegame dumping and 3DS cart savegame dumping / flashing. All of this should be possible via the NTRCARD registers, but the D9 code is still missing support for 3DS type eeprom chips.

Also: thanks a ton to everyone involved in this release!

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