@d0k3 d0k3 released this Dec 26, 2016 · 725 commits to master since this release

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This is a big one, adding tons of functionality, improving stability, and fixing bugs. Since the last release, this had 96 commits, and the changelog shows:

  • This is a major rewrite for most of the code GM9 consists of
  • Verify support for CIA, NCSD, NCCH, TMD and FIRMs
  • Decrypt support for CIA, NCSD, NCCH, FIRMs
  • Building CIAs from NCSD, NCCH and TMD (that includes building CIAs from SD installed and system contents)
  • Batch support for all of the above
  • Mount support for CIA, NCSD (.3DS), NCCH, ExeFS, RomFS and FIRMs (from system and SD installed content, too)
  • New X: drive for NAND XORpads
  • Persistent RAM drive on 9:, not coupled to image handling
  • No SD mode - GodMode9 can now run without an SD card inserted
  • Readme finally provides actual useful information
  • Countless smaller improvements and bug fixes

Big thanks go to Al3x_10m of freenode #Cakey fame for helping me with some last minute testing of this release.

By the way: are people still scared of this? Really? SafeMode9 (same as GM9, but SysNAND / A9LH write permissions are not unlockable) is also attached to this release, just in case someone needs it.