@d0k3 d0k3 released this May 20, 2017 · 529 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

A big release to accompany today's big revelation. This is new:

  • FIRM entrypoint supported, use GodMode9.firm (chainload via Luma 3DS, thanks @TuxSH & @AuroraWright)
  • Ability to dump boot9, boot11 and otp (works via Boot9Strap only, thanks @SciresM)
  • New search for installed titles, just use R+A on title dirs (1:/title, 2:/title, A:/title, ....)
  • New CXI dumper (use the A button on TMD files)
  • Game file renamer included (allows to rename NCCH, NCSD, CIA and NDS files)
  • Improved topdown mode is now standard
  • Various minor improvements and bugfixes

Starting with this release, you're now able to dump bootrom from the comfort of your home (sighaxed systems only) - but don't forget @SciresM and boot9strap did all the hard work for you. Getting the OTP is no trouble anymore, either, thanks to the magic of sighax.

The new installed title search works similarily to what FBI does, in that it shows you a list of titles installed in your system, and you can dump CXIs or build CIAs right from this list.