@d0k3 d0k3 released this Sep 14, 2017 · 350 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

A big release, containing the results of 89 commits since the last release. This adds a bunch of new stuff and improvements on existing features. This is the (long) list of new stuff:

  • [new] Support for mounting and browsing NDS images
  • [new] Payloads menu inside HOME menu
  • [new] Release archive contains .firms for install via ntrboot_flasher
  • [new] Exception handler (works inside GodMode9 only), thanks to @Wolfvak
  • [new] Installer for FIRM files (advanced users only, everyone else use SafeB9SInstaller)
  • [new] New system information feature in HOME menu, thanks to @Myriachan
  • [new] Access to MCU registers (read-only) via the M: drive (again, thanks @Myriachan)
  • [new] Reverse LZSS decompression of compressed .code (A button menu for CXIs)
  • [new] NAND header rebuilder - this can help with borked NANDs and lost NCSDs
  • [new] Recursive CMAC fixer for drives A:, B:, S: and E:
  • [new] Build date/time on splash screen - hold any button to keep displaying the splash screen
  • [new] File info feature for files, and improved/combined drive/dir info feature
  • [new] Nag screen if RTC is not correctly set (if year < 2017 is detected)
  • [new] Visual progress update on large batch operations (scrolling filelist)
  • [scripting] Live text preview of currently processed script
  • [scripting] Ability to build standalone script runners (see readme for info)
  • [scripting] Added fixcmac, boot, shaget, switchsd, extrcode, filesel scripting commands
  • [scripting] Enhanced the injectcommand
  • [scripting] Allow partial checks via the sha command
  • [scripting] findreturns the alphanumerical last / first match
  • [scripting] Dynamically updated environment variables
  • [fix] Vastly decreased boot times
  • [fix] Improved NDS cart dumper code
  • [fix] Improved screen init routines, fixing an array of smaller problems (thanks, @Wolfvak)
  • [fix] The usual batch of smaller improvements and fixes - hopefully I didn't forget anything big ;)

For any changes / additions to scripting, I advise you to have a look into HelloScript.gm9, where each command is explained by example. GodMode9 v1.3.1 scripts are still fully compatible with this.

Special thanks for this release go to (in no particular order):

  • @JaySea77 - for a tremendous amount of 2DS testing, helping to fix a particularily nasty screen init bug
  • @AnalogMan151 - for help pushing forward scripting, also take a look at his excellent Lazarus3DS script
  • @Wolfvak - for the whole ARM11 side of the GodMode9 source, for the FIRM chainloader and exception handler
  • @Myriachan - for her improvements to the virtual memory drive and the system info feature
  • @al3x10m - again, for testing, advice and ideas