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@d0k3 d0k3 released this Sep 22, 2017 · 510 commits to master since this release

Only a week later, and already a new release (not a small one). This is new:

  • [new] Current battery state is visible via an icon on the top bar
  • [new] Bootloader function (previously undocumented, read below!)
  • [new] Completely rewritten and improved method of GBA VC save dumping and injecting (read below!)
  • [new] Exceptions dumps can be transferred via QR codes (you'll most likely never ever see that)
  • [scripting] Allow customizing and disabling the script preview
  • [scripting] Added qr and chk commands
  • [scripting] Added HAX, ONTYPE and RDTYPE environment vars
  • [fix] Fix the swapped sd_cid.mem and nand_cid.mem
  • [fix] Brought back 'Copy to 0:/gm9/out' for dirs

Read about how to use the new GBA VC save dumper / injector in The Guide. Also note that this breaks earlier GodMode9 based GBA VC save injecting / dumping tutorials. Sorry, but you'll get something for it. The save format is fixed for emulators and the injection / dump has gotten much less tedious. Thanks go to @AuroraWright for pointing out issues with the earlier method and to @cheatfreak47 for testing it and providing info (also for nagging me until I rewrote it).

The bootloader function springs into action when GodMode9 is installed to FIRM0 (via the GodMode9 installer) or directly flashed to an ntrboot flashcard. I trust that this will only be done by experienced users, and that those users will at least read the readme section on it (CTRL+F for you lazy folks). Also, there's nothing in it that most users would probably use. Thanks to @al3x10m for testing the bootloader and ideas.

In short, the GodMode9 FIRM0 bootloader will act similar to boot9strap unless R+LEFT is held at boot, which will bring up a bootmenu. The GodMode9 FIRM0 bootloader is also a requirement for the latest A9NC release.

As for the exception dump QR code, if you really, really want to see it (hint) maybe try bkpt as scripting command? Also thanks to @Wolfvak for the idea and for enhancing the exception handler to support this.

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