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Assets 3

Well, that was quick. Also a good lesson on what happens when you do a release with a fixed deadline.

As some of you mentioned, the last release had a bug which caused CIAs generated from .3DS files to be padded. As neither GM9 nor FBI can handle padded CIA (for good reason, working around this is not trivial), a new release is warranted, with some goodies on top. If you created CIAs from .3DS with v1.5.0, I suggest you redo them with v1.5.1. Also, everyone please update.

This is new:

  • [fixed] Building proper CIAs from 3DS files
  • [scripting] New HelloBranching.gm9 sample script by Kazuma77
  • [scripting] New strrep, fdummy and fill commands
  • [scripting] New not command (best used as in if not ..., elif not ...)
  • [scripting] filesel command now also allows browsing dirs

For the scripting stuff, I suggest you take a look into HelloScript.gm9, which you'll find inside the samples directory. Thanks for pointing out that bug go to (among others) TurdPooCharger, @CecilFF4 and u/timchenw.