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@d0k3 d0k3 released this Jan 10, 2020

Time for a new GodMode9 release. The last major release, v1.9.0, was a pretty solid release to begin with, but as always there is room for improvement. This one focuses on bugfixes, fixing stuff that v1.9.0 did not do right. This is new:

  • [new] On verification, offer fixing for badly decrypted NCCH/NCSD
  • [improved] Much faster scrolling speeds in wordwrapped text view
  • [improved] Largely improved method of GBA VC save injection (thanks @TurdPooCharger)
  • [fixed] Fixed the .BPS code in scripting (thanks @Wolfvak)
  • [fixed] Fixed a crash in the DISA/DIFF handling code (thanks @aspargas2)
  • [fixed] Actually allow decrypting N3DS NATIVE_FIRM on O3DS
  • [fixed] Last search drive is back again
  • [fixed] Cart drive checking (don't show empty when it isn't
  • [fixed] Notification light handling

Did you know?
This marks the 40th release of GodMode9, with a whopping 1260 commits leading up to here. GodMode9 is now in it's fourth year of development and still going strong, thanks to all of my fellow developers, bug reporters and feature requesters.

We've been seeing a lot of bug reports these days with people telling us they can't convert their NCSD (".3DS") files to CIA in GodMode9. It can be assumed that all of them got their badly decrypted .3DS files from some shady source. Shady source: please at least provide proper decrypted files. @citra-emu: maybe stop supporting these files or at least give a warning to users? We, for our part, now properly detect these files and offer fixing. To use the new fixer, just verify your files.

As always this wouldn't have been possible without some help. Thanks go to @Wolfvak, @aspargas2 and @TurdPooCharger for actively contributing to development. I also thank everyone submitting bug reports and feature requests. A special mention goes to @HIDE810 who finally pointed out that text viewer scrolling is awfully slow in some cases and needs some work. Thanks, all of you!

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