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GodMode9 v2.1.1 Sixth Anniversary Release

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@d0k3 d0k3 released this 22 Mar 19:11
· 43 commits to master since this release

Is it really that time of the year again? Six years ago, on March 22nd of the faraway year of 2016, GodMode9 was first released to the public. It has come a long way, reaching high stability and amassing features. Right now, there's not much left that GodMode9 can't do, and there's only the odd bug coming in from time to time. As such, this release is a rather small one, with only bugfixes and maintenance stuff.

I still wanted to celebrate the day with a release, so here is GodMode9 v2.1.1 with these changes:

  • [improved] Improved installation of DSiWare games (thanks @Epicpkmn11)
  • [scripting] Faster script loading as well as other improvements and fixes (thanks @aspargas2)
  • [fixed] Fixed a nasty bug when trimming certain DS cart dumps
  • [fixed] Some smaller bugfixes and general code maintenance

How do I update GodMode9?
(This may be the last time I tell you how to in the release notes, so please remember) You wouldn't believe how often we get that question when we do a new release. It's actually very simple: Just replace GodMode9.firm on your SD card with the file found in the release ZIP. You may also want to update scripts, which are found in the ./gm9 folder inside the archive and go to the same folder on your SD card.

Special thanks
I'll be honest, I've long given up mentioning everyone here. The sheer number of contributors (developers, people who report bugs or suggest features, people who help with advice or web hosting...) after 6 years of development is just too big. Just know, each and every contribution, no matter how big or small is highly appreciated. For this release, special thanks go to @Wolfvak, who's been a main dev with me for almost all of the lifetime of GodMode9, to @aspargas2 who did maintenance and fixed bugs, to @Epicpkmn11, who improved the save game generation and thus the installation for DSiWare CIAs and dumps and to @giiutfff who catched a really nasty bug happening when trimming certain DS cart dumps in GodMode9 (great catch!).