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RstPreview - Sublime Text

This is a simple plugin for sublime text to convert RST files to HTML for previewing and testing. The output HTML file will be loaded in your default browser.


This package relies on docutils which Sublime must be able to import. This means that it needs to be in the site-packages of the global python install or on the PYTHONPATH. Below are common ways to install docutils on your system.

Mac OS X and Linux

Install docutils for the global python interpreter that Sublime uses:

sudo easy_install-2.6 docutils

After the install, you may need to restart sublime text for it to be picked up.


To install docutils on windows follow these steps in the docutils documentation


When viewing a reStructuredText document in sublime text use the following key combinations.

Mac OS X

cmd ⌘ + shift ⇧ + r

Linux & Windows

ctrl + shift + r