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RstPreview renders reStructuredText files as HTML and shows them in your
default browser.
import sys
import os
import webbrowser
import tempfile
import hashlib
import sublime
from sublime_plugin import TextCommand
from sublime import Region
SETTINGS_FILE = 'RstPreview.sublime-settings'
def rst_to_html(rst_text):
from docutils.core import publish_string
bootstrap_css_path = os.path.join(sublime.packages_path(), 'RstPreview/css/bootstrap.min.css')
base_css_path = os.path.join(sublime.packages_path(), 'RstPreview/css/base.css')
args = {
'stylesheet_path': ','.join([bootstrap_css_path, base_css_path]),
'syntax_highlight': 'short'
return publish_string(rst_text, writer_name='html', settings_overrides=args)
except ImportError:
error_msg = """RstPreview requires docutils to be installed for the python interpreter that Sublime uses.
run: `sudo easy_install-2.6 docutils` and restart Sublime (if on Mac OS X or Linux). For Windows check the docs at"""
class RstpreviewCommand(TextCommand):
def run(self, edit):
settings = sublime.load_settings(SETTINGS_FILE)
site_packages_path = settings.get('site_packages_path')
if site_packages_path and site_packages_path not in sys.path:
# Select all the text in the current document
text = self.view.substr(Region(0, self.view.size()))
# Write that RST text as HTML
html = rst_to_html(text)
TEMP_DIR = tempfile.gettempdir()
if self.view.file_name():
preview_filename = hashlib.md5(self.view.file_name()).hexdigest() + ".html"
preview_filename = 'rst_preview.html'
file_path = os.path.join(TEMP_DIR, preview_filename)
with open(file_path, 'wb') as f:
# Open the generated file in the default browser'file://%s' % file_path)