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.PHONY : clean build-min docs
VERSION = $(shell cat version.txt)
BRANCH = $(shell git branch | grep \* | cut -d' ' -f 2)
build: | build-min docs
@echo "Creating minified version."
@mkdir -p ./build
@echo "Marking version ${VERSION}"
@cat locache.js | sed 's/VERSION-PLACEHOLDER/${VERSION}/' > ./build/locache.${VERSION}.js
@jsmin < ./build/locache.${VERSION}.js > ./build/locache.${VERSION}.min.js
@cp ./build/locache.${VERSION}.js ./build/locache.js
@cp ./build/locache.${VERSION}.min.js ./build/locache.min.js
@echo "Creating docs"
@docco ./build/locache.${VERSION}.js
@cp -f ./docs/locache.${VERSION}.html ./docs/locache.html
@echo "Updating GitHub projct page";
@git checkout gh-pages;
@echo "Swiched to branch from ${BRANCH}, merging master";
@git merge master;
@git push origin gh-pages;
@echo "Updated. Switching back to ${BRANCH}";
@git checkout ${BRANCH};
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