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Automatically runs and displays the results of djangobench over time.

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** Work in progress **

Django gauge

Automatically runs and displays the results of djangobench over time. This is the code behind (which wraps the app in a simple )

How to run it

  1. pip install with something like pip install -e git://
  2. Add 'gauge' to your installed apps, syncdb and migrate
  3. Add the urls: url(r'^', include('gauge.urls')),
  4. Collect static
  5. Set the enviroment variables; AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY
  6. Run ./ gauge_run_benchmarks -I

Help wanted

Any tips or suggestions how to make the results easlier to consume would be appreciated. It's working well, but I could do help with the stats work to improve the results and presentation.


Thanks to Jacob Kaplan-Moss for creating djangobench and django-dev-dashboard (from which much code was borrowered).

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