Gradle plugin generating Allure report from test results
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Gradle Allure Plugin

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Gradle Allure Plugin allows you to integrate Allure into spock, testng and junit tests.


Basic usage

buildscript {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath "ru.d10xa:gradle-allure-plugin:0.5.5"

apply plugin: 'ru.d10xa.allure'

allure {
    aspectjweaver = true
    // Choose your test framework. 
    junit = true
    testNG = false
    spock = false
    // Choose if you're using Geb for web tests
    geb = true

Full configuration

allure {
    aspectjweaver = true
    junit = true
    testNG = false
    spock = false
    geb = false
    allureResultsDir = "$buildDir/allure-results"
    allureReportDir = "$buildDir/allure-report"
    allureVersion = "1.4.24.RC3"
    aspectjVersion = "1.8.9"
    allureSpockGebExtensionVersion = "0.2.1"
    allureJunitAspectjAdaptorVersion = "0.1.1"
    clean = true


  • aspectjweaver (boolean) default false. Adds -javaagent to tests

  • junit (boolean) default false. Enables allure for junit without @RunWith usage. (Adds allure-junit-aspectj-adaptor) based on AspectJ. Require aspectjweaver

  • testNG (boolean) default false. Enables allure for testNG. Require aspectjweaver

  • spock (boolean) default false. Enables allure for spock.

  • geb (boolean) default false. Adds allure-spock-geb dependency for screenshot and html attachments. Specifications must extend geb.spock.GebReportingSpec class

  • allureResultsDir (string) default "$buildDir/allure-results". Test results will be placed to this directory.

  • allureReportDir (string) default "$buildDir/allure-report". Html report will be generated to this directory (if task's property to not defined)

  • allureVersion (string). Version of allure-bundle and allure-adaptors

  • aspectjVersion (string). Version of org.aspectj:aspectjweaver

  • allureSpockGebExtensionVersion (string). Version of allure-spock-geb

  • allureJunitAspectjAdaptorVersion (string). Version of allure-junit-aspectj-adaptor

  • configuration (string) default 'testCompile'. Apply adaptors to this configuration. For example, you can select the configuration 'compile' and use the adaptor classes in your source code.

  • clean (boolean) default true. Execute appropriate clean tasks before tests and report generation.



Creates html report for tests.

Add following snippet to build script if you want to create allure report after every test execution

tasks.withType(Test)*.finalizedBy allureReport

If you don't need this task(for example in child modules) - just delete it

tasks.remove allureReport

Customize task's parameters

allureReport {
    to '$buildDir/nice-report'

Or create your own task

task customAllureReport(type: ru.d10xa.allure.AllureReportTask){


Deletes directory declared in allureReportDir parameter

cleanTest or cleanYourOwnTest

Deletes the test results and allure results created by test or yourOwnTest task


This plugin is available under the Apache License, Version 2.0.