An extension to ctrlp.vim for deleting open buffers
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The ctrlp.vim plugin for Vim does not provide a way to delete open buffers and there are no plans to add this functionality.

The author of ctrlp.vim, however, provided the basis of an extension to ctrlp.vim that users could drop into their vimrc to get this feature.

This plugin has taken that snippet and improved it to add support for marking multiple buffers, in addition to implementing bugfixes.


The easiest way to install ctrlp_bdelete.vim is using Vundle or Pathogen.

You'll also need to add the following line to your ~/.vimrc:

call ctrlp_bdelete#init()

This simply adds a user setting to ctrlp itself. If you are already setting g:ctrlp_buffer_func somewhere in your vimrc, make sure to call ctrlp_bdelete#init() after that (this plugin won't clobber it, but you may clobber the plugin initialization if you change g:ctrlp_buffer_func later).


Open ctrlp in buffer mode (c-p c-b), filter as needed, navigate to a buffer you wish to close and press c-@ (c-2). The buffer will be deleted and will disappear from the list.

You may also mark multiple buffers with c-z and then close them all at once with a single press of c-@.


  • Fix rendering bug that causes the ctrlp pane to consume the entire window in some cases (sporadic).
  • Support a custom mapping instead of c-@.
  • Write documentation for Vim