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This package provides counsel-osx-app function which is inspired by counsel-linux-app.

In order to use counsel-osx-app simply call counsel-osx-app function. It will allow you to select an app to launch using ivy completion. Optionally one can select any file to edit in selected application via ivy actions.

By default counsel-osx-app searches for applications in /Applications directory, but it’s configurable via counsel-osx-app-location variable. It can be either string representing root location for all applications or list of such strings.

The last configurable thing (but not least) is command for launching application. Please refer to counsel-osx-app-launch-cmd for more information.

Although the name of this package is counsel-osx-app, it’s not restricted to OSX only. One can easily tune it to run under Linux (not sure about Windows). Just make sure to configure described variables and change implementation of counsel-osx-app-list function. PRs are welcome on making this package cross-platform.

Change log

Next release

  • Initial implementation.
  • Use friendlier completion names (thanks to @vermiculus).