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eZ Server Monitor`Web - A simple and lightweight dashboard for Linux
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eZ Server Monitor (eSM) is a script for monitoring Linux servers. It is available in Bash version and Web application.

eZ Server Monitor `Web

In its Web version eSM is a PHP script that displays on a Web page information such as:

  • System : hostname, OS, kernel version, uptime, last boot date, number of current user(s), server datetime
  • Load average : gauges showing the CPU load with the percentage (1 minute, 5 minutes et 15 minutes)
  • Network usage : displaying the IP address of each network interface with the data transmitted and received
  • CPU : model, frequency, cores number, cache L2, bogomips
  • Disk usage : table of each mount point with the space available, used and total
  • Memory : table containing the available used and total of RAM
  • Swap : table containing the available used and total of Swap
  • Last login : display last 5 user connections
  • Ping : ping the hosts defined in the configuration file
  • Services : displays the status (up or down) services defined in the configuration file

Each block can be reloaded manually.

You can download the last version here. The requirements are simple : a Linux environment, a web server (Apache2, Lighttpd, Nginx, ...) and PHP.

View more information on the official website.

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