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CTAT Detector Library

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Example detectors

All detectors below can be found here.

Gaming-the-system detectors

Detectors of student help-seeking behavior

Bayesian Knowledge Tracing

Detectors of unproductive persistence

  • Idle

    • Description: outputs alerts in response to fixed, user-specified thresholds on student idle time
    • Outputs: custom message after each specified time-interval
      • the current format is a comma-delimited string, where the first element is a boolean stating whether the student is over some author-specified idle-time threshold, and the second is one of a set of author-specified milestone times that the student has exceeded
        • (e.g., "0, > 0 s" indicates that the student is not considered idle for long enough to trigger an event/alert, and "1, > 1 min" indicates that the student has been idle for long enough... specifically: the student has been idle for more than 1 minute)
  • Error count on current step

    • Description: keeps a running count of attempts on each step in a tutor interface
    • Outputs: the running count of attempts on the most recent step the student has worked on
      • (e.g., if a student has tried 30 times on a particular interface element, the output will be "30")
  • Recent correctness rate (sliding window)

  • Recent error rate (sliding window)

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