Builds a braque route file from a swagger.js resource.
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Builds a braque route file from a swagger.js resource.

Braque-Swagger is a simple helper package that will take a Swagger resource URL and create a local api route file. This provides the ability to extra an entire API for local use in a module. It provides rapid reference, and can be used to write local tests for an API.

npm install braque-swagger

CLI Options

From the command line a route file can be created using the following


  • --url (or -u) : Full Resource URL.
  • --file (or -f) : Optional output file. Will dump to console when not provided

``` braque-swagger --url --file api.json ````


There are a number of possible workflows for braque and swaggerjs-braque.

Building & Testing an API - During the development of an API, the swaggerjs-braque code can be used to dump a swagger.js api-docs resource into a braque formatted file. Using braque and mocha, a developer can write tests in the same pattern needed for an external implimentation; authentication etc.

Implementation - During the development of a site or project that impliments all or part of an API, use this CLI command to regenerate a local route file. Since the route file is tracked in git, changes to the API, such as new, deleted or altered endpoints will be are easier to manage.


This code is designed to work with braque which provides an light weight pattern for abstracting a rest API into a node.js codebase. It removes the need to include API specific implementions.

The braque project grew out of need to limit the number of dependencies for an express app that uses a number of external APIs to provides site features; github, twitter, facebook, flickr and foursquare. Every API implemnetion in npm seems to follow different patterns. Braque uses api route file (json) to construct an internal code api for each external API.