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# -*- coding:utf-8 -*-
""" API"""
__author__ = 'd1ffuz0r'
__version__ = '0.0.2'
__all__ = ('Api', 'Thread', 'Post', 'Captcha',
'Settings', 'BOARDS', 'BOARDS_ALL')
import json
import os
from urllib2 import urlopen, HTTPError
from urllib import urlencode
except ImportError:
from urllib.request import urlopen, HTTPError
from urllib.parse import urlencode
from functools import reduce
# List sections on board
'thematics': ['app', 'au', 'bi', 'biz', 'bo', 'c', 'em', 'ew',
'fa', 'fiz', 'fl', 'ftb', 'gd', 'hh', 'hi', 'hw',
'me', 'mg', 'mlp', 'mo', 'mu', 'ne', 'pvc', 'ph',
'po', 'pr', 'psy', 'ra', 're', 's', 'sf', 'sci',
'sn', 'sp', 'spc', 't', 'tr', 'tv', 'un', 'w',
'web', 'wh', 'wm'],
'creation': ['di', 'de', 'diy', 'dom', 'f', 'izd', 'mus', 'o',
'pa', 'p', 'wp', 'td'],
'games': ['bg ,cg ,gb', 'mc', 'mmo', 'tes', 'vg', 'wr'],
'japanese': ['a', 'aa', 'fd', 'ja', 'ma', 'rm', 'to', 'vn'],
'other': ['d', 'b', 'fag', 'soc', 'r', 'cp', 'abu', '@', 'int', 'mdk'],
'adults': ['fg', 'fur', 'g', 'ga', 'h', 'ho', 'per', 'sex'],
'test': ['gif', 'mov']
listmerge = lambda s: reduce(lambda d, el: d.extend(el) or d, s, [])
BOARDS_ALL = listmerge(BOARDS)
class Post(object):
"""Post object"""
__rows__ = ('lasthit', 'comment', 'name', 'parent', 'timestamp',
'banned', 'sticky', 'height', 'width', 'num',
'video', 'tn_height', 'closed', 'tn_width', 'date',
'subject', 'image', 'thumbnail', 'op', 'size')
def __init__(self, post):
Create object from dict with post info
@param post: dict with post info
for key, value in post.items():
setattr(self, key, value)
def __repr__(self):
return '<Post: {num}>'.format(num=self.num)
class Message(object):
"""Message object"""
def __init__(self, parent='', comment='', subject=''):
@param parent: parent id (№ OP post)
@param comment: text your comment
@param subject: subject message example( SAGE )
self.captcha_key = '' = ''
self.nofile = ''
self.subject = subject
self.parent = parent
self.submit = ''
self.file = '' = ''
self.task = 'pоst'
self.captcha = '' = ''
self.comment = comment
def __repr__(self):
return '<Message: "{comment}...">'.format(comment=self.comment[:10])
class Thread(object):
"""Thread object"""
def __init__(self, thread):
Create object from dict with thread info
@param thread: dict with thread info
self.reply_count = int(thread['reply_count']) = Post(thread['posts'][0][0])
self.num =
def __repr__(self):
return '<Thread: {num}>'.format(num=self.num)
class Captcha(object):
"""Captcha object"""
def __init__(self, captcha):
Create object from dict with captcha info
@param captcha: dict with captcha info
self.key = captcha['key']
self.url = captcha['url']
def __repr__(self):
return '<Captcha: {key}>'.format(key=self.key)
class Settings(object):
"""Settings object"""
__postfields__ = ('captcha_key', 'video', 'nofile', 'subject', 'submit',
'file', 'name', 'task', 'captcha', 'email', 'comment')
__board__ = ('thumb_dir', 'shortname', 'wakaba_version',
'enable_wakabamark', 'imagesize', 'favicon', 'name',
'charset', 'max_comment_length', 'enable_bbcode',
'threads_per_page', 'img_dir', 'page_ext', 'image_h',
'image_w', 'max_field_lengt', 'res_dir',)
def __init__(self, settings):
Create object from dict with settings info
@param settings: dict with settings info
self.query_interval = settings['query_interval']
self.query_limit = settings['query_limit']
self.ban_time = settings['ban_time']
postfields = settings['postfields']
self.postfields = {key: value for key, value in postfields.items()}
board = settings['board']
self.board = {key: value for key, value in board.items()}
def __repr__(self): # pragma: no cover
return '<Settings: {board}>'.format(board=self.board['shortname'])
class Api(object):
"""Api object"""
def __init__(self, board=None):
@param board: board code example( 'b' )
self.logging = False
self.board = board
self._url = ''
self.settings = None
self.captcha_key = None
self.thread = None
if board and self.board_exist(board): # pragma: no cover
self.settings = self.get_settings()
def board_exist(self, board):
Checking exist section on board or not
@param board: name section. example( 'b' )
@return: boolean
return True if board in BOARDS_ALL else False
def get_board(self, board=None):
Get all threads from board
@param board: board code
@return: List of threads on board
if board and self.board_exist(board): # pragma: no cover
self.board = board
threads = self._get(url='wakaba.json')['threads']
return (Thread(thread) for thread in threads)
def _get(self, url):
Get page
@param url: url for request
@return: raise or json object
if not self.board:
raise ValueError('Board is not selected')
url = os.path.join(self._url, self.board, url)
js = urlopen(url).read().decode('utf8')
return json.loads(js)
def get_thread(self, thread):
Get thread
@param thread: id of thread
@return: List of Posts object
if isinstance(thread, Thread):
thread = thread.num
self.thread = thread
posts = self._get('res/' + str(self.thread) + '.json')[u'thread']
return (Post(post[0]) for post in posts)
def get_captcha(self): # pragma: no cover
Fetching captcha
@return: captcha info object
captcha = Captcha(
self.captcha_key = captcha.key
return captcha
def get_settings(self): # pragma: no cover
"""Fetching settings"""
self.settings = Settings(
def send_post(self, msg): # pragma: no cover
Send post
@param msg: Post object
@return json:
params = self.settings.postfields
post = urlencode({
'parent': msg.parent,
params['captcha_key']: self.captcha_key,
params['nofile']: msg.nofile,
params['subject']: msg.subject,
params['submit']: msg.submit,
params['file']: msg.file,
'task': msg.task,
params['captcha']: msg.captcha,
params['comment']: msg.comment
url = os.path.join(self._url, self.board, '/')
urlopen(url, data=post)
return True
except HTTPError as e:
print('Error send post: {msg}'.format(msg=e))
def __repr__(self):
return '<Api: {board}>'.format(board=self.board)
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