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Drupal Honeypot
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Drupal Honeypot


Drupot supports go modules.

go get

go build

Running Drupot

./drupot -c config.toml


config.toml.example contains an example of all currently available configuration options.


port = 80
changelog_filepath = "changelogs/CHANGELOG-7.63.txt"

port allows you to set the http port to listen on. Currently, this is only ever served over http. Future versions will support https.

changelog_filepath allows you to set what exactly is returned in the /CHANGELOG.txt file. This allows you to save multiple versions of the CHANGELOG and serve them at different times. This allows you to mimic different versions of Drupal.


enabled = true
host = ""
port = 10000
ident = "drupot"
auth = "somesecret"
channel = ""
meta = "Drupal scan event detected"

hpfeeds can be enabled for logging if wanted. Supply host, port, ident, auth, and channel information relevant to an hpfeeds broker you want to report to.

meta provides a static string to send in every hpfeeds request. Could be use to differentiate Drupal versions hosted by honeypot or used to differentiate Drupot data in busy hpfeeds channels.

Fetch Public IP

enabled = true
urls = ["", ""]

If enabled, Drupot will attempt to fetch the public IP of itself from the listed URLs. If enabled and no public IP can be fetched, Drupot will quit.

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