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hacking dartdocs
Adding a search functionality to dartdocs documentation.
This is a prototype, source will be released when we reach
a consensus on functionality and style.
2012-01-22 == latest
changed XMLHTTPRequest based dynamic navigation to dart based nav
dartdocs now works from filesystem and from a server in all modes again
pushed source to
merged with latest bleeding_edge
enabled source code highlighting again
escaped querystrings against XSS /ht floitsch
rewrite reduced resources significantly
search data is now written to a dart file and sourced for compilation
file size down from 2.1MB JSON + 500KB JS to 900KB JS only
search functionality works from filesystem and from server
results show filtered content of the original documentation files
removed private keys
enabled search in the current selected library or in all libraries
added cookies to store search settings
added media stylesheet for 'print'
Initial upload
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