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ImageGlass - A lightweight, versatile image viewer.

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ImageGlass is a lightweight software application whose purpose is to help you view images in a clean and intuitive working environment. It gives you the possibility to view over 70+ common image formats, including .gif, .svg, .png, .heic, ... and many more advanced features which help normal users or designers to speed up their work.

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🛣 Roadmap

Please find the roadmap and information about 🏔 ImageGlass Preview at:

👨‍💻 Development

Visual Studio 2019 .NET Framework 4.7.1 Windows OS

develop branch contains the lastest commits while master branch is for the final stable release.

Pull Request is most welcome!

📚 Docs

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For information of the future developments, please visit Wiki and Project page.

For more information about ImageGlass, go to Documentation

💖 Support this project

ImageGlass is free and open source but developing it has taken thousands of hours of my time and a large part of my sanity. If you feel this little viewer useful to you, it would go a great way to ensuring that I can afford to take the time to continue to develop it.

Thanks for your gratitude and finance help!

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💪 Top contributors

Thanks for all your wonderful PRs, issues and ideas. You’re always welcome to join!

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