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@d2phap d2phap released this Sep 3, 2015 · 744 commits to master since this release



  • All features can be found in main menu (shortcut: `)
  • Allow to adjust thumbnail dimension 5e7f9a4
  • Support Embeded Color Management Profile #17
  • Instance management option #19
  • Support opening image from base64string data 8d6c53a
  • Work more with memory image: printing eb528d9, sharing to Facebook, refreshing 3aa9679, ...
  • Allow to start / stop animating image #27
  • New file format supported: *.TGA #25 , *.PSD #12
  • Mouse buttons 4 and 5 are now supported for navigating back and next. Middle mouse button is used for refreshing image #18
  • Support HiDPI scaling under Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 #32


  • Upgrade viewer control, remove scrollbar eb528d9
  • Remove a gap below toolbar d87bb98
  • Upgrade new faster thumbnail bar fa00c04
  • Determine if an image is multi-frame correctly 845743d
  • Increase zoom level from 1600% up to 3500% c6c9988
  • Remove zoom optimization option 5e7f9a4
  • Support orientation exif tag #21
  • Small changes in layout: widden toolbar button, move image info to title bar 88fc7f7
  • Remove delete file confirmation #33
  • Windows 10 appearance for menu 857bdf0
  • Open associated app to edit viewing image, not MS Paint as default 9df1187
  • Remove all of file association features 9df1187


  • Issue tracker link of report menu was officially move from Google Code to Github #28
  • GIF file caused crashing because of being different from file format and actual file type #41 #24
  • Cannot share image to Facebook because the new Facebook API was updated eb528d9
  • Crash occurs if user cancels spawn of igtasks for wallpaper 845743d
  • Disable duplicated shortcuts in the ImageBox control (pageup,
    pagedown) 845743d
  • Crash for non-existant registry keys 845743d
  • Disable duplicated shortcuts in the viewer control 845743d
  • Exception when rotating GIF file 4437ead
  • Adapting window to image (Ctrl+M) makes the window go off screen #37
  • Prevent too many tasks for refreshing functionality 3aa9679
  • Welcome image flickers into actual image displayed if welcome image is enabled #30 #38
  • Prevent resizing zoomed image on window resizing / locked ratio f57c77c
  • Conflicts of toolbar visibility and slideshow background color 1ffd5f3
  • Add / Edit language pack #15
  • Crashed when rotating read-only image file 9440ad6
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