@d2phap d2phap released this Apr 20, 2017 · 319 commits to master since this release

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  • 10 new file formats supported: cur, cut, pbm, pcx, pgm (#50), ppm, psb, wpg, xbm, xpm.
  • User now can drag & drop of the viewing image from ImageGlass window to another application (hold CTRL key). #152
  • Add support for "Default Programs" panel in Windows 10. #129
  • Allow user to change the program opens when edit image is selected. #123
  • Allow user to stop looping back viewer to the first image when reaching the end of the list. #109
  • Add new shortcuts for zooming. #107 (Wiki: https://github.com/d2phap/ImageGlass/wiki/Image-zooming)
  • Portable mode support. #82
  • Fully support for HiDPI scaling. #32
  • Support scalable theme icons (SVG format).
  • ImageGlass' logo is re-designed.


  • Switch to use ImageMagick library for lots of file formats support.
  • Remove file name of thumbnail.
  • New arrangement of Settings dialog.
  • Invert mouse wheel option: #151
    • Spin down to view next image.
    • Spin up to view previous image.
  • Add option to turn on/off Delete confirmation dialog before deleting viewing image. #149
  • Remove the "Loading..." message and reduce the duration of the message from 5 seconds to 2 seconds. #105


  • lmageGlass throws error when moving the viewing image files to another folder. #182
  • Zoomed images getting reset to actual size while saving files to the same location as the image being loaded. #168
  • Wrong Filename Requested Against Case-Sensitive UNC/Mapped Network Share. #165
  • ImageGlass moves to next image when using the snap feature of WIN+ LEFT/RIGHT arrow keys. #148
  • Modal dialog is displaying not on top during "Keep window always on top". #135
  • ImageList_OnFinishLoadingImage event subscribing leakage. #132
  • User cannot find ImageGlass window after closing ImageGlass and disconnecting the second monitor. #117
  • Some GIF files are playing slowly (thanks to @Meowski). #114
  • When using Scaling Width/Height on a zoomed image, the size of image is not changed. #112
  • Installation doesn't ask for admin password, error message. #101
  • Some SVG files crashing when opening. #91
  • Failed to associate with certain file types (e.g., .png) as default application. #16