@d2phap d2phap released this Nov 26, 2017 · 248 commits to master since this release

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  • Support viewing RAW formats by taking advantage of Windows Imaging Component (WIC) - Windows 7+ 8b3a08c
  • New file type icons for associated extensions #217
  • Display "A new version is available" in menu 74885c8
  • Full support for Portable mode #82
  • Double click to view actual image size #86
  • Ability to display / hide hidden image files #187
  • Add "Zoom to fit" button to toolbar #212
  • Add support for real time resizing #257


  • Removed Share to Facebook, Extension Manager, Settings, About buttons on toolbar. 965ac50
  • Add "Autosave after rotating" option #239
  • Improve full screen mode: #261
    • Image's height fits the window automatically
    • Hides the thumbnail bar automatically (same as the toolbar)
  • Check for update every 3 days instead of 7 days 965ac50


  • Unhandled exception when 3 or more new images are moved/copied into the folder in which the current image is being viewed #193
  • Windows number format minus sign causes error on startup #201
  • Keep maximized window after exiting full screen #226
  • GIF image file locked after viewing #227
  • Thumbnail line width resets after closing window #232
  • Unhandled exception when canceling UAC prompt for "Create new language pack" #236
  • Set as Desktop Background changed current the Fit Option in Windows 10 #247
  • Unhandled exception when closing two windows #262
  • Image does not scale to fit when using title bar maxim-ze/-estore buttons #265
  • Drag and drop image from same folder doesn't open the image #271
  • Fix hamburger menu disappearing 6867a4a
  • Unhandled error when cancel the Register Extensions operation 288a19d