@d2phap d2phap released this May 8, 2018 · 102 commits to master since this release

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Breaking changes:

  • Minimum system requirements:
  • Removed Plugin support.
  • Removed Share to Facebook feature due to privacy security concern.


  • Welcome new collaborator to ImageGlass team: @fire-eggs !
  • Added First-launch configurations screen which allows user to quickly set up on the first launch:
    • Language
    • Layout mode
    • Theme
    • Set as default photo viewer
  • Configurable Mouse wheel settings (#110, #95):
    Combine with Ctrl, Shift or Alt key to:
    • Zoom in / out image.
    • Scroll vertically.
    • Scroll horizontally.
    • Navigate to previous / next images.
  • Color Picker tool (https://github.com/d2phap/ImageGlass/wiki/Color-picker):
    Pick a color and covert to 4 formats: RGB, HEX - CMYK - HSL with Alpha channel.
  • Customizable toolbar buttons (#4, #146, #200):
    Added ability to customize toolbar buttons (show / hide buttons).
  • Added Delete button to toolbar (#208).
  • Added ability to save / modify (rotate) the viewing image with lossless quality (JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP) (#263, #267, #300, #219, #239).
  • Added Theme tab in Settings dialog to manage ImageGlass theme.
  • Added ability to instantly apply theme without restarting app.
  • Added option to show only file base name of the viewing image (#290).
  • Added ability to copy the viewing image data Ctrl + Shift + C (#253).
  • Added ability to real-time update thumbnails if the the thumbnails are changed (da70033).
  • Decreased startup delay by using lazy initialization (ce8effe).
  • Added ability to instantly update if user change the option Find images in child folders (65402af).


  • If user drags and drops a same file to the viewer, do nothing (da70033).
  • Display image info for both viewing image file, image data and error image (fc926a3).
  • Copy / Cut functions enhancement (d20426f):
    • Removed Ctrl+Shift+C and Ctrl+Shift+X for copying / cutting multiple files due to bad user experience.
    • Ctrl+C and Ctrl+X will do copying / cutting multiple files.
    • Ctrl+Shift+C will copy image data instead (#253).
  • ImageGlass theme config file supports HEX color code (6dde9c0).
  • Viewing images can expand to the full screen dimensions without leaving any background 'border' around them (3e13be9).


  • Set as desktop background is not working (#287).
  • Win+Arrow key conflicts (#206).
  • Adjust Window to actual image dimensions not respecting multiple monitors (#314).
  • Menu and sub menus are opened on secondary monitor (#204).
  • Image is not updated real-time if the extension is not lower case (#309 #296 #288 #270 #316 #193).
  • Error when closing all ImageGlass windows due to temporary file not found (#323).
  • Cursor is changed to drag mode when pressing hotkey (493f280).
  • Copy / Cut multiple files function doesn't work if user pastes the files and go back the app to copy / cut again (#334).
  • Real-time update when file being renamed is not triggered if user just change file extension.
  • Fix the order of command line arguments preventing other apps from working as editor (6d823b2).
  • Image sorting by name is not correct if user enable Find images in child folders (2261ac0).