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@d2phap d2phap released this Jul 28, 2018 · 170 commits to master since this release

5 5_1


  • Zoom Mode: standardize all the zoom functions and group into modes: #67 #371
    • Auto Zoom (Default) Ctrl+A
    • Scale to Width Ctrl+W
    • Scale to Height Ctrl+H
    • Scale to Fit Ctrl+`
    • Lock Zoom ratio Ctrl+L
  • Reload Image: will freshly reload the viewing image without using cache Ctrl + F5
  • Option to hide the thumbnail bar scrollbar #205
  • File / folder shortcuts are now supported drag-n-drop #234
  • Option to preserve mod date on edit #307


  • Updated Magick.NET to v7.5.0.1
  • Upgrade to DotNetZip v1.11 to fix CVE-2018-1002205 (zip slip) 9416be7
  • Changed ToolbarButtons string format in config file / registry
  • Grid Cell Size of checkered background now supports high DPI #374
  • Delay thumbnailbar update until all thumbnail items loaded a710e65
  • First Launch Configurations screen: Design mode layout will no longer change the toolbar buttons bba39ed
  • Theme improvement: #389
    • Apply theme color to checkered background grid
    • Apply theme color to Context menu and Main menu


  • Fixed several issues about real-time file change detection #353 #361 #372 #373 #376
  • Memory leak issue for some certain image files due to ImageListViewCacheMetadata of thumbnail bar component #119 #359 #372 #376
  • Infinite loop of First Launch Configuration #346
  • Cannot disable the option Save the viewing image after rotating #351
  • Window state reset when dragging title bar to restore normal state from maximize state #358
  • Color picker unexpected/undesired positioning #352
  • Settings: Edit button and Delete button are disabled due to removing Check style of listview in v5.1
  • Auto Check for Update will not run if date format is incorrect 86c6961
  • Write wrong key config igVersion e423be6
  • Problems with Desktop Background: Mapped drive #326
  • Problem with Desktop Background: jpg images don't work #327
  • Switching away from 'large' .GIF files causes program to hang #344
  • File extensions such as .h,.c,.md would be included on loading files 17c5a11
  • GIF menu entries in right-click menu often disable for a multi-frame GIF 66bd09e
  • Prev/Next menu shortcuts displaying wrong Page up/down keys 4118910
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