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Breaking changes:

  • App settings are no longer saved in registry (Installer version), but igconfig.xml file, located in configuration folder instead.
  • The configuration folder contains these folders: Themes, Temp.
  • To open the configuration folder, go to Settings > General tab.


  • Added feature: Color management settings (#43, #17).
  • Added feature: Set Lock screen image for Windows 10 (#399).
  • Added feature: Flip vertical (CTRL + ;) and Flip horizontal (CTRL + ') (#99).
  • Added feature: Full-screen mode (toggle menu) (#407, #106).
  • Added option: Open the last seen picture on startup (#304).
  • Added option: Center toolbar buttons horizontally (#425).
  • Added option: Display navigation arrow buttons on right & left edge (#448).
  • Added option: Display checkerboard only in the image region (#259).
  • Added support for drag-and-drop of multiple folders in the same session to view image files (#391).


  • Upgraded Magick.NET lib to v7.9.2.0 to fix the application freezes issue caused by nVidia drivers + OpenCL.
  • Improved launch performance (#446).
  • Improved overall performance by using asynchronous loading (#462).
  • Improved "Check for update" logic.
  • Portable / Moon version will not include igconfig.xml file to avoid overriding user settings (#444).
  • Used HTTPS protocol to access https://imageglass.org.
  • The Shortcut text for Next/Previous buttons split out in language files, allowing them to be translated (#194).
  • Rename dialog box is now re-sizable (#409).
  • Show the current displayed image name in task bar (#403).
  • Portable mode: removed absolute paths to Language, Theme (#392).
  • Toolbar tooltip does not close after being clicked (#409, #426).
  • Re-apply image zoom after modification (rotate, flip; thumbnail bar resize change).
  • Auto-center the image when changing Zoom mode, opening new file (#437).
  • Standardized and removed the message box from command line executable files: igcmd.exe, igtasks.exe (#461).

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed: cannot get the current style for Set desktop background (#136).
  • Fixed: failure to load images if folder ends in "alternate space" (#415).
  • Fixed: height of horizontal thumbnail bar.
  • Fixed: potential crash from missing theme image.
  • Fixed: Images downloaded via browser would not be seen by file watcher.
  • Fixed: Vertical Thumbnail view causes crash on program restart (#402).
  • Fixed: problems with network paths (#397).
  • Fixed: potential resource leaks.
  • Fixed: playback issues for certain GIFs on Windows 7 (#429).
  • Fixed: crash when invoking ImageGlass a second time when "Allow multi-instance" is off.
  • Fixed: CTRL + = and CTRL + - keys could zoom twice.
  • Fixed: exception from Install / Remove theme on invalid folder.
  • Fixed: Image list would only load from a sub-folder if the current image was in a sub-folder and list sort - order changed.