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@d2phap d2phap released this Jul 25, 2019



  • Updated new ImageGlass logo
  • New core library of ImageGlass called ImageGlass.Heart (#527)
    • Replaced ImageGlass.Core by ImageGlass.Heart
    • No longer use library IconLib for *.ICO format
    • Supported asynchronous functions
    • Allow user to adjust the number of images cached with ImageBooster (#545)
  • Added feature: View image file from website via imageglass: protocol (#557)
  • Added feature: Support open image file by relative path
  • Added feature: Reload image list Ctrl+Shift+R (#505)
  • Added feature: View color channels (Red, Green, Blue, Black, Alpha) separately (#181)
  • Added option: Use Windows File Explorer sort order if possible (#139)
  • Added option: Sort image list by ascending or descending (#528)
  • Added option: Open image in new window (#534)
  • Added option: Load image at top left or center position (#250)
  • Added option: Customize zoom levels (#420)
  • Added options: Customize navigation keyboards to some actions (#108, #173)
    • Zoom in/out
    • Pan up/down/left/right
    • Pause slideshow
    • View next/previous image
  • Added menu: Exit ImageGlass (#500)


  • Upgraded Magick.NET to v7.14.0.3
  • Reorganized main menu
  • Allow to load multiple shortcut targets to image list (#510)
  • Supported non-looping GIF format (#516)
  • Remember the last selected 'Save As' file extension (for the current session) (#416)
  • Color picker: Added a new field that records the X and Y coordinate that you clicked on (#536)
  • Drag-drop tweak, support drag entire volumes into ImageGlass (0b7a287)
  • Removed option: Turn on Image Booster when navigate back (enable it by default) (8043fd6)
  • Allow drag-drop into thumbnail bar (028298d)
  • Slideshow (fb673de)
    • Always show image for slideshow time
    • Don't loop slideshow if setting is off and user pressed End
    • Timer start / stop are duplicated some times
  • Changed hotkeys:
    • Reload image Ctrl+R
    • Extract image frames Ctrl+J
  • Used leading number for exported image frames from GIF file (#563)
  • Disabled system sound when Alt+Enter presses (#555)
  • Prevented user entry of characters which break Edit settings (#543)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed: Original image is overridden when rotating screenshot image (#526)
  • Fixed: Background of collapsed menu white instead of following theme color (#511)
  • Fixed: When opening certain images the mouse arrow stays as the loading circle (#485)
  • Fixed: Fails to start when thumbnail bar separator is close or greater than window size (#483)
  • Fixed: Resource leaks when setting the navigation arrow cursors (#479)
  • Fixed: Toggling disabled menu item state prevents menu from auto-collapsing (#394)
  • Fixed: Attempting to access missing drive (#360)
  • Fixed: Corrupted config file prevents ImageGlass from running (#542)
  • Fixed: Auto zoom setting not updated on Toolbar state change (#554)
  • Fixed: Could not drag/drop from CD or DVD (a4dc129)
  • Fixed: Observed memory/resource leak on every color picker click (afbaabd)
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