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@d2phap d2phap released this Jan 5, 2020 · 3 commits to master since this release



Breaking changes

  • Some of the settings in igconfig.xml file required to update, see #upgrade-guide


  • New ImageGlass settings engine
    • Provides 4 levels of setting files (#588):
      • Level 1: Built-in app settings
      • Level 2: Default settings from file: igconfig.default.xml (located in StartUpDir)
      • Level 3: User settings from file: igconfig.xml (located in ConfigDir)
      • Level 4: Admin settings from file: igconfig.admin.xml (located in StartUpDir)
    • Reduces File IO by using in-memory variables to store the settings. All the settings will be written the hard disk when the app closed. It fixes the issue #542, #600 and #644.
    • No longer requires writing an empty igconfig.xml file in AppData folder in Portable mode #474.
    • Fixed: ImageGlass keeps on resetting igconfig.xml file #542, #600, #644, #659
  • Introduce new window mode: Frameless.
    • Hold Shift to move the window
    • There are basically 4 window modes:
      • Full screen Alt+Enter
      • Window fit F9 #393 (former name: Window adapt to image)
      • Frameless F10 (new) #451, #498
      • Slideshow F11
    • All window modes can be combined to make the new amazing window modes:
      • Windowed slideshow (F11 -> Alt+Enter -> Alt+Enter)
      • Frameless windowed slideshow (F11 -> Alt+Enter -> Alt+Enter -> F10)
      • Window-fit slideshow (F11 -> F9 -> F10)
      • Frameless Window fit (F10 -> F9)
  • Introduced new zoom mode: Scale to fill Ctrl+D #436
  • Added countdown timer in Slideshow mode by default #662
  • Supported touch gestures #96, #497
    • Swipe left/right for previous/next picture
    • Rotate in either direction (90-degree)
    • Zoom in/out at a location via spread/pinch
    • Zoom in/out via swipe up/down


  • Improved startup time by compiling to native image (2b005b5), and reduce flickering window graphic rendering.
  • Slightly reduce memory usage #613
  • Upgraded Magick.NET to
  • ImageGlass now checks the compatibility of the config file and warns user by a message box.
  • Default formats and Optional formats group are now merged into one.
  • Added a toast message after finishing extracting image pages #565
  • Added Edit image button on toolbar #641
  • Renamed Window adapt to image to Window fit
  • Auto-center image by default in Window fit mode #468
  • Added option to toggle toast messages off and on #657
  • Limited number of characters allowed in Rename dialog to 250 #579
  • Filtered illegal characters in Rename dialog #577
  • Increased duration of slideshow up to 10 minutes #662
  • Support viewing multi-page image formats: TIF, GIF, ICO
    • New tool: Page Navigation Ctrl+Shift+J
    • Page navigation shortcuts: Ctrl+ (Nav keys combo)
    • Extract all pages
    • Add option to auto-show Page navigation tool for multi-page image


  • Fixed: Cannot open the image file that contains invalid profile tags #603
  • Fixed: The alignment issue of the step 4 in First-launch configurations #592
  • Fixed: Wrong orientation for HEIC image #559
  • Fixed: Unable to open ImageGlass due to invalid igconfig.xml file #632
  • Fixed: Resize thumbnail bar doesn't apply auto zoom #597
  • Fixed: Some 32-bit integer TIF files no longer openable #637
  • Fixed: In "Play Slideshow" mode, ImageGlass automatically resumes to play when "view next/previous image" is activated #609
  • Fixed: Viewing next/prev images in rapid succession with mouse causes undesired 1:1 zoom #387 (kudos to @LunaAshai)
  • Fixed: ImageGlass consumes high CPU when thumbnails contain PSD #617
  • Fixed: Typo of Filetype associations #610
  • Fixed: Window doesn't open in the place it was last closed #606
  • Fixed: Changing "Center Image" setting doesn't redraw image #640
  • Fixed: Unhandled exception on Cancel of File Association #639
  • Fixed: Crashed when open iOS background HEIC images #647
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