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d2rq:condition not being applied at all !! #172

domguard opened this Issue Jun 19, 2012 · 3 comments

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This is a cleaner version of the bug described in issue #144 that we're seeing everywhere
It's also a part of the bug described in the issue #171

I'm just trying to add a property given a dr2q:condition, out of the classic "is not null" condition
If you try the above example, you'll see that resource 2 gets the property even if does not satisfies the condition

You can verify this via SNORQL or via the linked data interface,

Am I missing something here about d2rq:condition usage, or is it a bug ?

Here is some simple data :

    "id" int2 NOT NULL,
    "category" varchar(20) NOT NULL,
    "value" varchar(20) NOT NULL

INSERT INTO "data" VALUES ('1', '04 78 56 89 56', 'tel');
INSERT INTO "data" VALUES ('2', '', 'email');

Then mapping used (just change your db credentials) :

@prefix map: <file:/d2r/mapping.ttl#> .
@prefix db: <> .
@prefix vocab: <http://localhost:2020/vocab/resource/> .
@prefix rdf: <> .
@prefix rdfs: <> .
@prefix xsd: <> .
@prefix d2rq: <> .
@prefix jdbc: <> .
@prefix d2r: <> .
@prefix ess:  <> .
@prefix v: <> .

<> a d2r:Server;
    rdfs:label "Test";
    d2r:port 2020;
    d2r:baseURI <http://localhost:2020/>;
    d2r:autoReloadMapping true;
    d2r:limitPerClassMap false;   # to display everything within the interfac, default is 50

map:database a d2rq:Database;
    d2rq:jdbcDriver "org.postgresql.Driver";
    d2rq:jdbcDSN "jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/d2r_test";
    d2rq:username "postgres";
    d2rq:password "xxxxx";

# A contact class is created if value is not empty
map:contact a d2rq:ClassMap;
    d2rq:dataStorage map:database;
    d2rq:uriPattern "contact/";
    d2rq:class ess:Contact;
    d2rq:condition "data.value <> ''"
map:contact_value a d2rq:PropertyBridge;
    d2rq:belongsToClassMap map:contact;
    d2rq:property rdf:value;
    d2rq:column "data.value";

# Another RDF type is added upon a condition based on the 'category' db field    
map:tel_type a d2rq:PropertyBridge;
    d2rq:belongsToClassMap map:contact;
    d2rq:property rdf:type;
    d2rq:constantValue v:Tel;
    d2rq:condition "data.category = 'tel'";

The fact that the conditional property is rdf:type is not important, it happens with any property

Trying to add aliases in the propertyBridge declaration like in :

map:tel_type a d2rq:PropertyBridge;
    d2rq:belongsToClassMap map:contact;
    d2rq:property rdf:type;
    d2rq:constantValue v:Tel;
    d2rq:alias "data AS data_alias";
    d2rq:condition "data_alias.category = 'tel'";

...does not solve the problem.
Rather it adds another errors, the repetition of the rdf:type triples in the XML (not turtle) dump and SPARQL store (but this can be discussed later)

Thanks for your help...


In other contexts, d2rq:condition works as expected.
For example, we use the same pattern (an additional) class but with an additional d2rq:join statement, it works :

map:exchange_method_gift a d2rq:PropertyBridge;
    d2rq:belongsToClassMap map:exchange;
    d2rq:property rdf:type;
    d2rq:constantValue ess:Gift;
    d2rq:alias "coop_local_exchange_methods AS exchange_method_Gift";
    d2rq:condition "exchange_method_Gift.exchangemethod_id = 2";
    d2rq:join " = exchange_method_Gift.exchange_id";
D2RQ member
cygri commented Jun 20, 2012

Thanks for the detailed test case, I will try to work out what's going on.


Trying to understand the SQL output,
I just removed the first d2rq:condition, the one in the classMap about the blank value to not pollute the query

    ("data"."id" = 2 AND ("data"."category" = 'tel')) AS expre9788344, 
    "data"."id" = 2 AS expr32 
FROM "data" 
    "data"."id" = 2 OR 
    ("data"."id" = 2 AND "data"."value" IS NOT NULL) OR 
    ("data"."id" = 2 AND ("data"."category" = 'tel'))

lauching this in PGSQL console, the resulting row shows :

which means that the first expression - that looks as the implementation of the d2rq:condition I'm trying to isolate - was evaluated as "False", which is correct as this row does not have a "tel" category
But the "v:Tel" type is still appended to this resource, so the bug may lie after in the code

I can't interpret the WHERE part :

  • the second line talks about a NOT NULL value, but as I said I had removed this condition (double-checked, strange...)
  • why all these "OR" ? I don't know how D2R treats this
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