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💾 2010–2012 — Some of my . files and other command-line tools; for bash, vim, etc.
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Originally based on InfiniteRed’s dotfiles but things has been adjusted since then.

File and directory structure

I store all my command-line files in a folder (projects/dotfiles), then under that folder there are 3 sub-folders
(bin, etc, doc), to keep them organized away from all my other files. I link (etc/link) the dot files to
the root of my home folder, so I prefer to store them without the . (for example, gitignore instead of .gitignore),
then I add the dot in the link. So if you use one, make sure you put the dot back.

  • ~
    • projects
      • dotfiles
        • bin
        • docs
        • etc
          • vim


I mod these all the time, and sometimes I break stuff. Also, my main platforms are OS X and Linux (Debian based)
in the console, not XWindows. Most of my stuff works just fine in something like gnome-terminal,
but I usually only check my main platforms when I make changes.

More information

Blog post

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