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How is it working ?

This step use Hashicorp Vault for static secrets.

You need to put secrets inside the Vault before your application start.


First, init your terraform folder:

$ docker run --rm -v $(pwd)/terraform:/app/ -w /app/ hashicorp/terraform:light init

Or if you can use Makefile: make init


As an Ops, you need to deploy the infrastructure:

$ docker-compose up

Or if you can use Makefile: make infra

Service access

Insert secrets in Vault

Use a script or Vault web UI to put your secrets.

Vault informations access for web UI:

  1. Connect with your web browser to the Vault URL
  2. Use token connection and enter as a token: root
  3. In secret path, create a secret inside this default project path: web
  4. Put the 2 keys: username and password.
  5. Put the value into both keys: dev
  6. Add secret and save it.


As an Dev, you need to deploy the infrastructure. In this case, using Vault, your application use Approle and need Role_ID and Secret_ID.

Here how to retrieve Role_ID and Secret_ID:

$ role_id=$(docker run --rm -v $(pwd)/terraform:/app/ -w /app/ hashicorp/terraform:light output approle_role_id)
$ secret_id=$(docker run --rm -v $(pwd)/terraform:/app/ -w /app/ hashicorp/terraform:light output approle_secret_id)

And launch your application:

$ docker-compose -f app.yml run -e VLT_ROLE_ID=$role_id -e VLT_SECRET_ID=$secret_id --service-ports web

Or if you can use Makefile: make app

Service access


Do the following commands:

$ docker-compose down
$ docker-compose -f app.yml down
$ rm terraform/terraform.tfstate

Or if you can use Makefile: make clean

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