Added component.json to support resolving dependencies via bower #6

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Same thing as here: mbostock/topojson#25, with the added mention that you'll also need to tag the current state of the repo. The latest semver tag is out of date (v0.0.2).


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(Repeating myself from the TopoJSON pull request.)

OK, though I'd prefer to avoid the duplication of version between queue.js, package.json and component.json. The last thing I need is another place to forget to update. I'll probably add a Makefile to generate package.json and component.json by reading the version number out of queue.js.


I've built a node module that checks if the version numbers are synced an automatically bumps them. I've mentioned here as well - mbostock/topojson#25 (comment).


@mbostock mbostock added a commit that closed this pull request Jan 25, 2013
@mbostock mbostock Add component.json; fixes #6. fde1de6
@mbostock mbostock closed this in fde1de6 Jan 25, 2013
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