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Mercator Projection

The Mercator projection now uses viewport clipping rather than clamping latitudes. The viewport is automatically determined by the projection’s scale and translate, but can be set explicitly using projection.clipExtent. Note that only d3.geo.mercator uses viewport clipping; d3.geo.mercator.raw does no clipping or clamping.

D3 3.1 changes the scale of d3.geo.mercator, increasing the effective scale factor by 2π. When upgrading to 3.1, divide your previous scale by 2π when setting, or multiply by 2π when getting. See the d3.geo.tile example for sample usage.


Scales and Data


And one more thing…

Thanks to SMASH, you can now build a minimal version of D3 that has just the parts you need, reducing the size of your JavaScript assets. For example, if you need d3.geo.mercator and d3.geo.path to render some stuff to Canvas, you could build a minimal bundle that’s only 24K:

smash src/start.js src/geo/path.js src/geo/mercator.js src/end.js > lib.js

See the SMASH wiki for a more detailed example including an example Makefile.

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