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plugin for sublime text 2 editor to pretty json selection
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Prettify JSON plugin for Sublime Text 2


Install this repository via Package Control


To prettify JSON, make selection of json and press keys:

  • Linux: ctrl+alt+j
  • Windows: ctrl+alt+j
  • OS X: cmd+ctrl+j

If selection is empty and configuration entry use_entire_file_if_no_selection is true, tries to prettify whole file.

If JSON is not valid it will be displayed in status bar of sublime.

Default configuration

use_entire_file_if_no_selection - true

indent - 4

sort_keys - false

ensure_ascii - false

Using tabs for indentation

You can change configuration key indent to string value "\t" or any other string.

"indent_size" : "\t",

Be sure "Indent Using Spaces" is unchecked otherwise you will not see effect and ST2 will convert it back to spaces.


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