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Tools used for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations
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Powershell module to handle the different management tasks during a Dynamics 365 Finace & Operations (D365FO) Read more about D365FO on

Available on Powershellgallery

Getting started

Install the latest module

Install-Module -Name

Install without administrator privileges

Install-Module -Name -Scope CurrentUser

List all available commands / functions

Get-Command -Module

Update the module

Update-Module -name

Update the module - force

Update-Module -name -Force

Getting help

Since the project started we have adopted and extended the comment based help inside each cmdlet / function.

Getting help starts inside the PowerShell console

Getting help is as easy as writing Get-Help CommandName

Get-Help New-D365Bacpac

This will display the available default help

Getting the entire help is as easy as writing Get-Help CommandName -Full

Get-Help New-D365Bacpac -Full

This will display all available help content there is for the cmdlet / function

Getting all the available examples for a given command is as easy as writing Get-Help CommandName -Examples

Get-Help New-D365Bacpac -Examples

This will display all the available examples for the cmdlet / function

We know that when you are learning about new stuff and just want to share your findings with your peers, working with help inside a PowerShell session isn't that great.

We have implemented platyPS ( to generate markdown files for each cmdlet / function available in the module. These files are hosted here on github for you to consume in your web browser and the give you the look and feel of other documentation sites.

The generated help markdown files are located inside the 'docs' folder in this repository. Click this link to jump straight inside.

For sake of the sanity and just trying to help people out, we copy & pasted all the old examples previously available in the readme into the wiki. The page is located here. We don't plan on keep the "Old readme examples" wiki up-to-date going forward. If you believe we are missing some examples that should be part of the comment based help, please create an issue.


Want to contribute to the project? We'd love to have you! Visit our for a jump start.

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