Autonomous robot made from Android phone + Arduino + Zumo Shield
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Autonomous robot made from Android phone + Arduino + Zumo Shield. Includes Android app, Arduino sketch and Python server.

Build dependencies

Build tested with an old version of usb-serial-for-android

Additionally, the following change to the usb-serial-for-android code was made (not sure wheter it would be necessary any more if using a more recent version.

--- a/UsbSerialLibrary/src/com/hoho/android/usbserial/util/
+++ b/UsbSerialLibrary/src/com/hoho/android/usbserial/util/

@@ -99,6 +99,10 @@ public class SerialInputOutputManager implements Runnable {
     public void writeAsync(byte[] data) {
         synchronized (mWriteBuffer) {
+//            if (mWriteBuffer.remaining() < data.length) {
+//                Log.i(TAG, "Clearing buffer to prevent overflow");
+//                mWriteBuffer.clear();
+//            }

Useful links

Build your own RoboAnt -

Remote control setup step-by-step -

Feel free to use it as a starting point for your own ideas and let us know what you created!

Made by the Insect Robotics Lab University of Edinburgh