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Code of conduct

This code of conduct benefits from the admirable work undertaken by the contributor covenant. This code of conduct is a living document and may need to be updated over time. We welcome all suggestions for improvement to the code of conduct, which should be submitted as a Github pull request.

d3bate is a project which aims to make debating available to more people. In order to achieve this we set out guidelines for how all project members should behave and aim to provide a common understanding for these rules. Anyone is welcome to suggest modification to the code of conduct, at any time.

Ask 1

The first ask we make is that all members of the project to be welcoming, friendly and civil towards one another. Discourse which happens in the project forums (such as Github issues, pull requests or commits) should always take into account the fact that online communication can be more easily misinterpreted than offline communication.

More specifically, all people involved in the project should refrain from:

  • using language which would make other members of the project uncomfortable. If in doubt as to whether or not something would have the effect of making someone else uncomfortable we suggest that the best option is to avoid saying it
  • using sexualised language or imagery
  • making insulting or derogatory comments
  • harassment

And ensure that they:

  • accepting constructive criticism and taking it on board (this is not to say that criticism which is malicious in nature is acceptable)
  • giving criticism in a constructive manner – we believe that criticism is an important part of any open source project and should be encouraged. We have a duty to build the best software we can and this involves being honest about what we think about code. The manner of delivery, however, is important and should never make other members of the project feel vindicated against or as though someone harbours malicious intent towards them:
    • criticism should be justified – reasons should be given for why the criticism is valid
    • it is useful if criticism suggests improvements, or alternative approaches, to the matter at hand
    • criticism should avoid personal attacks, and instead focus on the work which has been produced.

Ask 2

The second ask we make is that project members do not engage in acts of discrimination that affect individuals in a negative way.


If the code of conduct is broken, we commit ourselves to endeavour to ensure that measures are taken to ensure that further breaches will not happen. This includes:

  • taking action to make good the harms that have happened
  • taking action to ensure that similar harms cannot happen in the future

Breaches of the code of conduct should always be reported, even if the person reporting them is unsure whether suspected events are in violation of the code of conduct. These can be reported in different ways:

  • to the core team of the project (by sending an email to in which case the core team commit to ensure that the identity of the person making the complaint is kept confidential and the investigation of the complaint remains an internal issue.
  • as a Github issue, in which case discussion will take place publicly.

The core team will investigate all raised concerns. In the event that a core team member is unable to do this because they feature in a concern raised either (a) any other members of the core team who are able to conduct an impartial investigation will do so or (b) an independent third party will be sought. In case b the independent third party must be to the satisfaction of both parties.

A non-comprehensive list of measures which can be undertaken

We provide a list of measures that we will undertake in the event of certain actions:

  • Warnings
    • Private warnings
    • Public warnings
  • Bans
    • Temporary bans
    • Permanent bans
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