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This is an IRC bot written in Ruby that performs various functions.

Table of Contents

  • About
  • License
  • Getting started
    • Installation
    • Usage
    • Running as a Systemd Service
  • Contributing
    • Code Style
    • Documentation
    • Testing
  • TODO
  • Changelog


This is an IRC bot written in Ruby that performs various functions.


See LICENSE in the project root directory for license information.

Getting Started


To install, execute the following commands:

git clone
cd verboten
gem build verboten.gemspec
gem install verboten-0.2.0.gem


Execute command verboten -i to initialize a config file with information that you provide.

Execute command verboten -r to run the bot using the config file that you generated.

The bot responds to either verboten or <>.

The bot currently know the following commands:

# Simple test method to see that the bot is working.
verboten howdy

# Finds books of an optionally provided filetype for a given search term.
# verboten find-books [--filetype=(pdf|epub|mobi)] [search term]
verboten find-books --filetype=epub java

# Adds a song to the channel queue.
# Example: verboten play [URL of song to play]
verboten play

Running as a Systemd Service

In order to set up the bot to execute as a service, you'll need to create a wrapper and gemset. After you have installed the verboten gem and created a config file, execute the following commands to generate a wrapper and gemset, replacing the ruby version with whatever ruby version you installed the gem under.

rvm alias create verboten ruby-2.5.1@verboten
rvm ruby-2.5.1 do rvm gemset create verboten
rvm wrapper verboten --no-links verboten

Create a .service file (example: verboten.service) in the /etc/systemd/system directory. Modify the below service file to fit your needs. Important: replace the /home/d3d1rty/.rvm substring of the ExecStart directive with the output of echo $rvm_path; also, replace the value of the User directive with your username on the server as well as whatever you would like to use as the Description directive.

Description="verboten IRC bot on #dailyprog Rizon"

ExecStart=/home/d3d1rty/.rvm/wrappers/verboten/verboten -r



Code Style

To keep a consistent code style, it is recommended to use rubocop. If you use vim and syntastic, you can use rubocop as a Ruby checker. To manually run rubocop, you can run the following commands:

# Run rubocop for the entire project
bundle exec rubocop
# Run rubocop for a specific file
bundle exec rubocop foo/bar.rb


Comment any code contributions according to the existing conventions within the project. Reference the examples listed below:

Example top-level comment:

# = ClassNameGoesHere
# Author::    [Author Information]
# Copyright:: Copyright [Year] [Author Information]
# License::   GNU Public License 3
# This is a class that is something and does something.

Example method comment:

# This is a method that does something

You can generate documentation using the following rake task.

# Run custom rake task to regenerate RDoc documentation
rake rdoc


Integration tests should be written for all classes and methods.


  • Make tests...



  • Included instructions for running as a Systemd service.


  • Upgraded to version 0.2.0.
  • Added play command.