A collection of components that make it easy to build interactive charts with D3
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d3fc Build Status Semver npm version

A collection of components that make it easy to build interactive charts with D3.

Migration to D3 version 5

This project has recently upgraded to D3 version 5 to take advantage of the new promise-based API, and stays compatible with D3 version 4 for all other functionality. For more details, see the release notes for D3 version 5.0 and d3fc v14.0.0.

Installation and Documentation

For details of installation and general usage, visit the d3fc project webpage.


npm, the package manager for Node.js, is used to manage the project's dependencies. The project is built and tested via npm scripts, with releases managed via semantic release.

This project acts as a bundler for the individual d3fc packages, which are all listed under the d3fc organization. If you want to contribute features or fixes to d3fc you should locate the correct package and make your changes there.


These components are licensed under the MIT License.


Project supported by Scott Logic.