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douglascrockford committed Feb 11, 2011
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@@ -114,9 +114,9 @@ <h2 id=global>Global Variables</h2>
<p> The <code>browser</code> <a href="#options">option</a> does
not include the aliases of the global object, <code>window</code> and
- <code>self</code> because the potential for misuse is so great.</p>
+ <code>self</code> because the potential for misuse is so great. If you need access to <code>window</code>, you can write<code> var window; </code>or<code> /*global window*/</code>.</p>
<p id=devel>Select the
- <label for="JSLINT_DEVEL" title="devel"><em>Assume console, alert, ...</em></label>
+ <label for="JSLINT_DEVEL" title="devel"><em>Assume console, alert, ...</em></label>
(<code>devel</code>) <a href="#options">option</a> to predefine globals that are useful in development but that should be avoided in production, such as <code>console</code> and <code>alert</code>. It has the same
effect as this comment:</p>
<pre>/*global alert: false, confirm: false, console: false, Debug: false, opera: false, prompt: false */</pre>

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