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Provides rudimentary support for model enums in Rails 3.
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Rails 3 / Enum Support

Provides rudimentary enum support for Rails 3 model classes.

Getting Started

  1. Require the enum_support gem in each model class you wish to use it in:

    require 'enum_support'
  2. Then, make sure to extend the module:

    Class IceCream < ActiveRecord::Base
      extend EnumSupport
  3. Finally, specify as many enum attributes as you want within the class:

    enum :flavour, %w{vanilla chocolate strawberry neopolitan}

At this point, you can use your enumeration just as you would with any other attribute you specify:

yum =
yum.flavour = :chocolate
yum.flavour # returns :chocolate

Validation is also performed when attempting to save a model instance. Setting an enum attribute to a value not in the initial set will render the instance invalid.

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