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namespace d3yii2\d3pop3\models;
use d3yii2\d3pop3\models\base\D3pop3Email as BaseD3pop3Email;
use Yii;
* This is the model class for table "d3pop3_emails".
class D3pop3Email extends BaseD3pop3Email
public const D3FILES_ALLOWED_EXT_REGEXP = '/(gif|pdf|dat|jpe?g|png|doc|docx|xls|xlsx|htm?l|txt|log|mxl|xml|zip|odt)$/i';
public function delete()
$isOtherCompanies = false;
/** @var D3pop3SendReceiv $sendReceive */
foreach (D3pop3SendReceiv::find()->where(['email_id' => $this->id])->all() as $sendReceive){
if($sendReceive->company_id !== Yii::$app->SysCmp->getActiveCompanyId()){
$isOtherCompanies = true;
/** @var D3pop3EmailAddress $address */
foreach ($this->getD3pop3EmailAddresses()->all() as $address){
/** @var D3pop3EmailModel $models */
foreach ($this->getD3pop3EmailModels()->all() as $models){
/** @var D3pop3EmailError $error */
foreach ($this->getD3pop3EmailErrors()->all() as $error){
return parent::delete();
return 1;