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Handle images with relative, absolute & remote path for gatsby-transformer-remark & gatsby-plugin-mdx


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Gatsby Remark Images Anywhere

Get image from anywhere in your markdown:

title: Hello World

# Regular relative path
![relative path](./image.png)

# NetlifyCMS path
![relative from root path](/assets/image.png)

# Remote path
![cloud image](

# Protocol relative path*
![cloud image](//

# Any of the above also works with <img />
<img src="./image.png" alt="hey" title="hello" />


gatsby-remark-images is awesome. But if you use a CMS that paste remote url, or path that's not relative to the markdown file itself, it won't work. Originally this plugin was meant to find a way to feed remote images to gatsby-remark-images, but that didn't work out. This is a simpler & more flexible image plugin supports.

  • doesn't blur in or fade in image
  • doesn't render fancy lazy load image update: it now does via the loading html attribute.
  • will take any image paths as mentioned above & feed them to sharp
  • allow you to pass in more customized sharp methods (fix, fluid, resize)
  • allow you to write your own image template (so you can implement the stuff above by yourself, though I do want to support those by default)

Should I use this?

  • If you don't use remote images or CMS, just use gatsby-remark-images

  • If you're using vanilla NetlifyCMS, just use gatsby-remark-relative-images.

  • If you need remote image, try this one out!

  • If you don't need remote images or CMS, but want more flexibility, try this one out.

Protocol relative path

See the whitelisted list here


yarn add gatsby-remark-images-anywhere
# or
npm install gatsby-remark-images-anywhere
  resolve: `gatsby-transformer-remark`,
  options: {
    plugins: [


Your projects need to have...

  • gatsby(!)
  • gatsby-source-filesystem
  • gatsby-transformer-remark
  • gatsby-transformer-sharp
  • gatsby-plugin-sharp


  resolve: `gatsby-remark-images-anywhere`,
  options: {
     * @param {string} staticDir
     * Root folder for images. For example,
     * if your image path is `/assets/image.png`,
     * your image is located in `static/assets/image.png`,
     * then the staticDir is `static`.
     * You can also point it to whichever else folder you have locally.
    staticDir: 'static',

     * @param {Function} createMarkup
     * A function that return string template for image
     * All sharp result will be passed in as arguments
    createMarkup: ({ src, srcSet }) => `<img src="${src}" srcSet="${srcSet}" class="hey" />`,

     * @param {'lazy' | 'eager' | 'auto'} loading 
     * Set the output markup's 'loading' attribute. Default: 'lazy'
    loading: 'lazy',

     * @param {string} backgroundColor
     * Background color. Default: '#fff'
    backgroundColor: '#fff',

     * @param {boolean} linkImagesToOriginal 
     * If enabled, wraps the default markup with an <a> tag pointing to the original image.
     * Default: false
    linkImagesToOriginal: true,

     * @param {string | Function} wrapperStyle 
     * Inject styles to the image wrapper.
     * Also accept a function that receives all image data as arguments, i.e
     * ({ aspectRatio, width, height }) => `padding-bottom: ${height/2}px;`
     * Alternatively you can also attach additional class to `.gria-image-wrapper`
    wrapperStyle: 'padding-bottom: 0.5rem;',

     * @param {'fluid' | 'fixed' | 'resize'} sharpMethod
     * Default: 'fluid'.
    sharpMethod: 'fluid',

     * ...imageOptions
     * and any sharp image arguments (quality, maxWidth, etc.)
    maxWidth: 650,
    quality: 50,

Writing your own markup

Here's the createMarkup signature:

type CreateMarkup = (args: CreateMarkupArgs, options?: MarkupOptions) => string;

interface CreateMarkupArgs {
  sharpMethod: SharpMethod;
  originSrc: string;
  title?: string;
  alt?: string;

  aspectRatio: number;
  src: string;
  srcSet?: string;
  srcWebp?: string;
  srcSetWebp?: string;
  base64?: string;
  tracedSVG?: string;
  // fixed, resize
  width?: number;
  height?: number;

  // fluid
  presentationHeight?: number;
  presentationWidth?: number;
  sizes?: string;
  originalImg?: string;

interface MarkupOptions {
  loading: 'lazy' | 'eager' | 'auto';
  linkImagesToOriginal: boolean;
  showCaptions: boolean;
  wrapperStyle: string | Function;
  backgroundColor: string;
  tracedSVG: boolean | Object;
  blurUp: boolean;

Example usage


Handle images with relative, absolute & remote path for gatsby-transformer-remark & gatsby-plugin-mdx








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