Sketch plugin to locate instances of a symbol
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Please consider using Jason's Symbol Instance Locator which does everything this plugin does and more! Thank you.


Instance Locator

A simple sketch plugin that helps locating instances of a selected symbol.

How it works

  • Select a symbol or any instance in your document
  • Run the plugin
  • A dialog with a dropdown list of all instances and their location (artboard or page) will show up
  • Select one
  • The plugin will navigate to that board

Built upon abynim's abstracted search script and inspired by Sketch-Navigator by arshad


  • Add messages
  • Display a different alert if symbol is not being used anywhere
  • Ask user if they want to remove the symbol
  • Check if it is used in another symbol (nested)
  • Group instances by container
  • Show amount of instances in each container
  • Use a scroll list instead of dropdown
  • Provide a back function?