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SD Maid 2/SE

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SD Maid 2/SE is actively being worked on and not feature complete. Feature requests are welcome!

SD Maid SE (AKA SD Maid 2) is a file management tool for Android that specialises in maintenance. Its core purpose is freeing up space and removing unwanted data.

Features include:

  • Removing data that belongs to apps that are no longer installed (CorpseFinder)
  • Deleting expendable files, e.g. caches (AppCleaner)
  • User configurable filters for random files (SystemCleaner)
  • Scheduling actions (Scheduler)
  • Controling/disabling apps (AppControl)
  • Storage overview (StorageAnalyzer)
  • Find duplicate data (Deduplicator)
  • Root and Shizuku support

SD Maid SE is the successor to SD Maid. A complete rewrite, optimized for newer Android versions, with a focus on SD Maid's most popular features. More details about SD Maid vs SD Maid SE can be found in the FAQ.


Source Status
Google Play (Release)
Google Play (Open Testing)
Github (Release)
Github (Pre-Release)
F-Droid (Main Repo)
F-Droid (IzzyOnDroid)

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SD Maid has no ads and doesn't sell your data.

Development is financed by individual user contributions, i.e. you buying the upgrade on Google Play or becoming a sponsor ❤️.

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SD Maid SE's code is available under a GPL v3 license, this excludes:

  • SD Maid SE icons, logos, mascots, marketing materials and assets.
  • SD Maid SE animations and videos.
  • SD Maid SE documentation.
  • Google Play screenshots.
  • Google Play texts & descriptions.
  • Translations.