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Privacy policy

This is the privacy policy for the Android app "SD Maid - System Cleaning Tool".


SD Maid respects your privacy.

I do not collect, share or sell personal information.

Send a quick mail if you have questions.

My underlying privacy principle is the Golden Rule.

AccessibilityService API

SD Maid contains optional features that utilize Android's AccessibilityService API to automate tedious actions.

Usage of the AccessibilityService API is optional, opt-in and can be disabled at any time.

SD Maid does not use the AccessibilityService API to collect, send or transmit information in any way.

Automatic crash reports

Removed in v5.6.1

Anonymous device information may be collected in the event of an app crash or error.

To do this the app uses the service "Bugsnag":

Bugsnag's privacy policy can be found here:

Crash reports may contain device and app related information, e.g. your phone model, Android version and app version.

This is voluntary and you can opt out of this in the settings.


Upon launch, SD Maid will tell my server its version and in return get told if there is an update. There are quite a few people who use SD Maid without Google Play and this allows them know about updates without manually checking. The update check transmits your SD Maid and Android version.

License check

If you bought a license/serial key and use that to unlock SD Maid, then SD Maid communicates with to verify the license. To do so it sends the license key, your Android version, SD Maid version and what type of device you have (e.g. Samsung S22) to my server.

The privacy policy for can be found here:

Clutter reports

The ClutterReporter is a manual tool inside the Explorer and CorpseFinder. It allows you to tell me about false results or report files/directories that SD Maid doesn't know. You use it to tell me to which app a file or directory belongs. I regularly review these reports and improve SD Maids databases accordingly. This is a manual action and forwards you to GitHub. Currently a GitHub account is required to submit reports.

GitHub's privacy policy can be found here: