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Migrate beta testing off of Google Plus #2060

mcl21014 opened this Issue Oct 9, 2018 · 11 comments


9 participants

mcl21014 commented Oct 9, 2018

With recent news of Google Plus being shut down in August 2019, it begs the question of what the next service that SD Maid will use for beta testing. Any ideas? Google Groups may work.


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lsiem commented Oct 9, 2018

Telegram might be a possibility.


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SuperSandro2000 commented Oct 9, 2018

It is a very good one


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d4rken commented Oct 11, 2018

SD maid currently also has a subreddit:

And an XDA thread:


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Fillabong commented Oct 11, 2018

TG has been my social media outlet for quite some time. G+ was antiquated imo, anyways.


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rodrigoswz commented Oct 11, 2018

Discord is awesome.


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SuperSandro2000 commented Oct 11, 2018

Reddit could fit as well. I don't think XDA is a good choice as the community is "special".

Discord is for gamers mainly and not programmer


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najodleglejszy commented Oct 11, 2018

I'm not fond of Telegram or Discord, mostly because of their privacy practices (or rather lack of those). I think a subreddit is a good choice since you get organized (to a degree) threads, so that it helps to, say, get back to someone's issue fairly quickly instead of having a bug report or a reply buried in a Telegram chat.


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spider623 commented Oct 12, 2018

I will give a vote to it's closer to G+ than any other alternative and the team behind it is active, working right now to add more features to make it even more similar.

For just chat telegram it's fine

@d4rken d4rken added this to the Next Tasks milestone Oct 28, 2018


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MicaelJarniac commented Nov 18, 2018

Isn't this app using the Play Store feature for joining the beta program already? I'm pretty sure on the bottom of the app page there, there was a "Join beta" button, or something like that.


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najodleglejszy commented Nov 18, 2018

@MicaelJarniac it's about beta test-related discussion, which for now mostly goes on in the Google+ group, not a beta joining process.


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MicaelJarniac commented Nov 18, 2018

@najodleglejszy oh, got it. I thought it was the joining thing, because I've seen some other apps using G+ for that.

Well, with that in mind, I'd vote for Reddit. I mean, I'd guess anyone up to beta-testing an Android app has a Reddit account, and Reddit can be quite a nice and organized place, simple enough for people to not be scared of it, but still complete enough for some nice discussion.

I like the XDA Forums, but it's not very simple to use, and creating and managing an account there is a bit strange, at least for me. Also, I've used the XDA Forums for a few years now, and only last week have I created an account there. Sure, if this app was completely tied to a custom ROM, root, Xposed or that sort, having the beta discussion settled there would be nice, but I believe that's not the case.

I haven't used Telegram much, but for what I know, it's more focused on personal messaging than on large communities discussing about an app. I mean, I don't think it has the level of organization to suit our needs, like having separated topics with they'r own message chain, being able to tag submissions and so on.

Although I like Discord, as mentioned here it's mostly for gaming purposes, and the same thing I said for Telegram would apply here. Although it can have rooms inside of rooms that are inside of rooms (ok, not quite, but...), it still wouldn't suffice for long.

I've never heard of, so I don't have an opinion.

Then there's also Gitter, which I think could work fine, but I haven't used it much. I believe it's focused on exactly this, the development of software, but I've used it very shortly.

So as I believe Reddit is simple, useful and a lot of people already has an account there, to name a few reasons, I'm on #TeamReddit. But if it happens to be the chosen one, I'd recommend creating another subreddit specific for the beta discussions, for that extra bit of organization.

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